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Our members curate programs and events that enable them to serve the LGBTQ+ community. Fully funded by charitable donations from our supporters, our repertory of programs reflects our steadfast commitment to service and highlights our innovation and mission-driven focus.

Queers in Demand

Queers in Demand is a web series where we spotlight queer-identifying folk who are making an impact in their respective fields. This program serves as a vehicle to amplify queer entrepreneurs, community leaders, and creatives by allowing them to promote their work. We aim to generate partnerships and establish an autonomous network of leaders and a pipeline for mentorship through this program. With the intent to put the impact they’re making at the forefront of the conversation, we also aim to inspire the youth who may not necessarily see like-minded skinfolk who are also chasing their dreams.

Queers Talking
in Private

Created in 2019, Queers Talking in Private (QTIP) is our flagship community program. We designed QTIP to cultivate safe, intimate spaces for LGBTQ+ community members to engage in discussions about various topics. With QTIP, we have the opportunity to use discussions as a method of providing LGBTQ+ adults with an outlet to share experiences that they may not have in other spaces. Within the first three years of this program, we have served over 3,000 queer people and allies on virtual and in-person platforms.

Beyond the Binary

Beyond the Binary is a new program that centers gender-non-conforming individuals. This program is designed to affirm, validate, and humanize their experiences while also illuminating the spectrum of gender identity. With a comfortable and conversational space, this program allows cisgender folx to become better allies and gender-non-conforming folx to equip themselves with tools and resources necessary to thrive beyond the binary.

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Meet Our 2022 Partners

We partner with companies and non-profit organizations that uphold equitable and inclusive practices and intentionally support causes and initiatives that center queer voices and experiences.


To become a partner or sponsor, contact our

Director of Development, Sheldon Fisher at

Code Red

Our annual World AIDS Day benefit, Code Red, was created to spread awareness, celebrate the lives of those living with HIV, and raise funds for HIV & AIDS research. This program also aims to spotlight the pre-existing network of organizations that lead HIV & AIDS research. With more than $9,600 raised since 2020, click here to discover why Code Red is our largest program.