Our Programs

Since 2010, our fraternity has maintained an obligation to provide the most marginalized youth in our society, LGBTQ+ youth, with a sense of community and belonging, support through mentorship, and a safe haven of love and respect. We have accomplished this feat in various capacities throughout the past decade––from launching successful philanthropy projects and working with LGBTQ+ youth agencies in underserved communities to funding our own community programs, such as Q.T.I.P. and Don't Let It Break You. Our national leaders have made LGBTQ+ youth our anchor program so our members can continue this service with a more focused, intentional, and mission-driven approach.  

While there is a myriad of social justice issues our fraternity can focus on within the queer community, we have chosen to ground our work in supporting LGBTQ+ youth––a demographic that has been largely underserved by our public education system, community programs, and our fellow Greek counterparts. We also believe we have a unique opportunity to build programming around a wide-range of injustices impacting LGBTQ+ youth, including mental health, trauma, the transmission of HIV/AIDS in marginalized communities, homelessness, the oppression of the transgender community, domestic violence, substance abuse, and lack of representation in educational policy and curricula. 


Launched in 2019, Queers Talking in Private (Q.T.I.P.) is our fraternity's flagship community program. It was designed to cultivate safe, intimate spaces for LGBTQ+ community members to engage in discussions about a variety of topics. With Q.T.I.P., we have the opportunity to use discussions as a method of providing LGBTQ+ adults with an outlet to share experiences that they may not have in other spaces.


Don't Let It Break You is a series of open mic and workshop events centered on mental health awareness. Launched in 2017, Don't Let It Break You has helped our members impact both queer and ally community members. Through this program, we have partnered with local artists, community centers, and schools.


Our philanthropy program has grown significantly throughout the past three years. Through our philanthropic work we have donated over $3,000 in resources to eight youth agencies in five different states. Each year we facilitate multiple donation drives, all supporting homeless LGBTQ+ youth.