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Our mission has driven our work and inspired our programs for over a decade.

Our approach to community service has allowed us to center the voices and needs of our most marginalized community members.


The mission of Beta Gamma Chi Fraternity is to:

  • enhance the quality of life for queer people through community programs

  • uplift, educate, empower, love, and serve the LGBTQ+ community through membership and fellowship opportunities

  • promote the positive welfare of queer people on college campuses by partnering and collaborating with local LGBTQ+ service organizations

  • Beta Gamma Chi Fraternity is a siblinghood that curates bold and innovative programs that center queer voices. We exist to provide LGBTQ+ youth and adults with a sense of belonging, resources, and the development they need to live authentically and courageously. 

    Consider making a donation today. All contributions directly support the development and operations of our national programs.




We take an intentional and proactive approach to service. We provide a service to our members and service to the LGBTQ community at large.


Our Siblings Affairs team organizes monthly remote drop-in spaces for all members. We also provide member development workshops, sibling and leadership retreats, local social gatherings throughout the year, and an annual conference. Not to mention, our New Member Program is second to none. Our Fraternity Education Officer assembles a team of siblings to facilitate a robust nine-month program, including pre and post-initiation, to support new members during their first year of membership. 


Our Programming team curates programs that serve the LGBTQ+ community. Fully funded by charitable donations from our supporters, our repertory of programs reflects our steadfast commitment to service and highlights our innovation and mission-driven focus. Explore each of our community programs below. 

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