Queers Talking in Private

Launched in 2019, Queers Talking in Private (Q.T.I.P.) is our fraternity's flagship community program. It is a weekly event series designed to cultivate safe, intimate spaces for LGBTQ+ community members to engage in discussions about a variety of topics, including but not limited to relationships, family life, sexuality, financial stability and growth, education, professionalism, lifestyle, and mental health. With Q.T.I.P., we use discussions as a vehicle for providing queer adults with the opportunity to share experiences that they may not have in other spaces.

Program Goals
We measure the success of each Q.T.I.P. by tracking audience engagement, participant retention, and satisfaction. Ultimately, we hope each participant feels safe, empowered, and has opportunities to build positive relationships. Inspired by critical concepts from Glenn Singleton, we aim to achieve the following goals with each Q.T.I.P.:

  • Create inclusive, safe, and intimate spaces for queer adults and allies to convene

  • Build positive relationships with queer community members

  • Empower participants through discussions

Glenn E. Singleton’s Courageous Conversations About Race is a field guide that explains the need for candid, courageous conversations about race that assists facilitators in developing a curriculum that promotes equity and excellence. This guide has been adopted by many culturally competent educational institutions and nonprofit organizations since its original publication.

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