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Our Story

When Gerald Dessus and Dr. Khyle Wooten founded Beta on March 21, 2009, with Anthony Fluellen, they were students at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. They sought to create an organization that would give voice and safety to queer people who struggled to experience belonging in mainstream spaces. They envisioned a fraternity where members could walk boldly in their truth and be innovative and unapologetic about their queerness.

That is why we are here. Our founders created Beta Gamma Chi because they believed in the right to a chosen family. They believed every member of the LGBTQ+ community should have access to safe spaces that affirm, validate, and humanize their experiences.

National President

Executive Director

Director of Development

Director of Programming

Regional Director

Fraternity Education Officer

Sibling Affairs Officer

Recruitment Officer

Our Team

Some say we're a home for everyone.

Some say we're a radical siblinghood.

​We are a queer-affirming siblinghood with an intentionally inclusive membership by design. We provide LGBTQ+ adults with a sense of belonging, resources, and development to live authentically and courageously. 


It is our mission to uplift, educate, empower, love, and serve members of the LGBTQ+ community by providing ongoing membership and implementing and facilitating community programs.

We work to advocate for the positive welfare of queer people on college campuses by partnering and collaborating with local LGBTQ+ service organizations.

We're just Beta.

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