Why Choose Beta

Beta Gamma Chi Fraternity exists within a large network of unaffiliated LGBTQ fraternities and sororities. We are cognizant of just how important choosing the right fraternity for you is. First and foremost, we encourage you to do your research and learn as much as you can about all of your options, but here’s why you should consider becoming a member of Beta Gamma Chi:

We provide a safe, loyal, and consistent community to anyone who is courageous and vulnerable enough to open their arms to us. Our members realize that our connection and bond is deeper than friendship. We are a family of siblings whose lives are forever interconnected and interwoven in a deep belief of love and selflessness that is difficult for us to explain. Just like any family, in our personal relationships, we may disagree, have different preferences, or find ourselves connected to some personalities more than others. However, what is most important is that we communicate with each other, we put in the work to strengthen our bonds with each other, we all commit to creating a safe space for every member, and we show up for everyone, every time.

Our members come from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds, and we have careers in a variety of fields. However, our fraternity has always strived to help members develop the social, emotional, and intellectual skills and competency necessary to thrive in professional spaces. We offer workshops, mentoring, and leadership training to all members at regional and national convenings each year. As our Founders always say, “when you give your best to Beta, Beta in return gives its best to you.” That is our commitment.