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Our siblinghood was built on core beliefs that our members call pillars.


We believe in the right to a chosen family. Too many of us have experienced rejection from family members and have relied on friendships and romantic relationships to fill that void. Our siblinghood consists of chosen parents and siblings, in addition to mentors. We provide a safe, loyal, consistent community to anyone courageous and vulnerable enough to open their hearts to us. Our bond is more profound than friendship. We are a family of siblings whose lives are forever interconnected and interwoven in a deep belief of love and selflessness that is difficult to capture in words. We show up for everyone—every time.



We believe that every member of the LGBTQ+ community should receive the support they need to thrive and survive in a heteronormative world. And that is why we are continually thinking of ways to support our members in their personal and professional growth and development. Beta Gamma Chi is a small organization, but we pack a powerful punch. We provide support through committees, fellowships, conference sponsorships, and ambassadorships.



We believe that every member of the LGBTQ+ community should have access to safe spaces that allow them to affirm and accept their identity. For some of us, walking in our truth is difficult, and quite frankly, it's a journey filled with harrowing experiences, hard lessons, and frequent pitfalls. We recognize that self-acceptance is a practice, so we intentionally embed it in everything we do. We provide a safe space for our members to be their authentic selves, flaws and all.



We believe all political, legal, and social barriers must be removed for LGBTQ+ people to experience equity. We use our platform and our voices to promote organizations, advocates, and campaigns that actively work to eliminate those barriers. We believe that by spreading awareness and promoting progressive ideals, we will achieve success.

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