Our Team

Our team is a diverse group of part-time volunteers with varied experiences, talents, and skills. They work in a variety of fields, including education, public health, community engagement, public administration, theater, hospitality, event planning, social work, and theology. We are committed to ongoing leadership development, training, and support in our efforts to ensure equity and investment in our members and the communities we serve.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, or fraternity advisors, ​is the governing body of our non-profit organization. Board members pass legislative resolutions and oversee the development of the fraternity. The Board of Directors is made up of two appointed active members, our founders, and three elected community members. The President of the Board of Directors serves as the governing leader of the organization. They work closely with the Board and the Executive Director to set the longterm vision for the fraternity, meet development goals, and execute the fraternity's strategic plan in addition to other responsibilities. Edward Good (he/him) joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and was elected President in 2019. Since the beginning of his term, President Edward Good has prioritized improving the fraternity's financial sustainability and building strategic partnerships with agencies that provide services for LGBTQ+ youth.
Edward Good | He/Him/His President egood@bgchi.org Khyle Wooten | He/Him/His Founder Gerald Dessus | He/Him/His Founder Darren Mathews | He/Him/His Member Melissa Dietrich | She/Her/Hers Community Member Daniel Dietrich | He/Him/His Community Member TBA Community Member

Executive Staff

Our National Supreme Council is responsible for the administration of the fraternity. Council members oversee all executive functions of the organization––membership, communications, programming, and operations. All executive staff are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve four-year terms. The fraternity's Executive Director oversees the budget, daily operations of the fraternity, and national and regional business affairs. Gerald Dessus (he/him) served as Regional Director for three years before becoming Executive Director in 2020.
Gerald Dessus | He/Him/His Executive Director gdessus@bgchi.org Malcolm Richardson | He/Him/His Director of Membership mrichardson@bgchi.org Christiawn Wilson | They/Them/Theirs Director of Communications cwilson@bgchi.org Erick Blake | He/Him/His Fraternity Education Officer eblake@bgchi.org

Regional Staff

Our regional leaders work collaboratively with executive staff to grow membership, advance national programs, and oversee the operations of their respective regions. Regional staff are elected by active members of the fraternity and meet once a month to plan initiatives, events, and member development.
Erick Blake | He/Him/His Region 1 Representative eblake@bgchi.org Lorenzo Cole | He/Him/His Region 2 Representative lcole@bgchi.org Jamal Tate | He/Him/His Region 1 Secretary and Treasurer jtate@bgchi.org Darin Earl II | He/Him/They/Them Region 2 Secretary dearl@bgchi.org Corey Sidney | He/Him/His Region 2 Treasurer csidney@bgchi.org