Privacy Policy

This website is a secure hub of information and resources for stakeholders of Beta Gamma Chi. We use the data collected from our web development service (Wix) to provide feedback on the quality and effectiveness of our content; however, we do not collect any personal, identifiable information from you nor about you.


Our staff complies with all industry standards to help protect your privacy. Whenever possible, we limit the use of third parties to safeguard your privacy further. We use Ascend by Wix as a customer manager suite. We do not sell, exchange, or publicly or privately share your contact information.


We store the information provided via our signup form in a secure database hosted by Wix. We also add your name and email address to our mailing list via Ascend by Wix. A limited number of staff members have access to the mailing list and only use it periodically to send our newsletter and fraternity updates. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time using the link provided at the bottom of each email.


We store the information provided via our membership application in a secure database hosted by Wix. This database is only accessible by executive staff members; however, your name, location, and other answers from your application may be shared with staff in our membership department when necessary for conducting your interview.


We use Stripe to process contributions made via this website. When you donate to Beta Gamma Chi, we add your contact information to our donor mailing list retained in a secure database via Google Drive and Ascend by Wix. You will receive occasional emails from our communications and development departments unless you choose to opt-out. You can review or update the information in your donor record at any time by emailing us at


Our portal is a protected extension of our website that is only accessible to members through a secure login process.


Information provided to our staff and members via any address is treated with confidentiality and may only be shared among staff as needed.

Terms of Use


The contents of this website are protected by copyright under U.S. law. Beta Gamma Chi also copyrights all documents, videos, and articles published on this site. All rights reserved. All site users are prohibited from reprinting or reproducing any text, document, graphic, or audio/visual material without written permission from the fraternity.


Disclaimer of Liability

Beta Gamma Chi assumes no liability for any decision or action taken based on information found on this website or any websites linked to it in any way. Beta Gamma Chi does not represent or endorse any website or organization hyperlinked to this site. Beta Gamma Chi is not liable for the review, management, or operation of any website or organization hyperlinked to this site.


Submission of Content

When you submit a question, article, or other content to Beta Gamma Chi through this website or email, you are authorizing our staff to read it, edit it, and publish it on this website. All content submitted to this website must be original work.  


Downloading Content

Although our staff makes every effort to ensure the safety of our downloadable content, we cannot guarantee that files available for downloading will be free of digital viruses. Users are responsible for implementing sufficient procedures to safeguard their property.


Accessing the Portal

The information provided on the portal is the proprietary, confidential property of Beta Gamma Chi. By accessing it, you acknowledge and confirm that you will treat and keep the information confidential and will neither disclose nor discuss information to third parties. A breach or violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action by the fraternity.