What are Queer #RelationshipGoals?

What are your #RelationshipGoals?

This week we're catching up on some missed episodes of Kikis with Louie. In this episode, Louie connected with three youth activists from REACH LA to discuss their relationship goals. Not only did they discuss what dating looks like for queer people in 2020, but they also zoomed into toxic behaviors they've witnessed or even exhibited when dating.

But when it comes to examples of healthy relationships, Louie's guests agreed that there are not many examples for queer people. At one point, Dani mentioned,

"We really don't have a lot of guidance from outside sources, and it's really hard for us queer people to find relationship advice... Even in school, it's hard to find guidance on how to have safe sex."

If you haven't already, check out this episode from Kikis with Louie, a digital program created by Advocates for Youth.