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Ain't We Lucky We Got 'Em

Every opportunity to write to potential members gives me joy that can't quite be described. Allow these words to serve as the tightest hug and warmest smile from my heart to yours.

Before offering bids to new members, we thoroughly interview them about their personal and professional goals. Over time, we have witnessed each incoming member embody achievement in their own way. That's because we are intentional about helping our siblings own and activate every ounce of potential needed to meet and exceed their goals. We all have goals––targets in our "tunnel-visioned" path to success. Whether we list them on paper, glue or tack them to a board, or beat them out loud in our heart's desires, I believe we can achieve them with great satisfaction. I offer a few ideas by way of what I'm learning.

Don't try to figure it all out, but life is exceedingly fair.

You have more (gifts, abilities, strength, people, etc.) working for you than against you. This is a reality I struggle with from time to time. Considering every event, person, place, decision, and system in life that landed me in a less-than-positive place, how can life be fair? I, along with countless others, have been oppressed, abused, denied, lost, cheated, and roughed up by one thing or another. How, then, can life be exceedingly fair?

...because at any point, I have a decision to make––some things to realize!

I could allow any situation to get the best of me, or I can view and seize it as a chance to grow, discover, and keep moving toward my goals. You can, too! You are too brilliant for darkness, too valuable for unworthiness, and too endowed with gifts to live and die empty. The path to "crushing" our goals can be lined with circumstances of any kind, regardless of our plans to arrive there smoothly. Life is only fair due to our decision to create a balance between the bitter and sweet.

Use the pink stuff.

At Beta, we practice and live out our core beliefs. Our pillars exist for your support. Lean on Beta on the path to getting your goals met. No one makes it out here in the world without help of some kind. Every time you see our letters or name, know that our bond can be a resource of strength. Brotherhood. Support. Self-Acceptance. Success. ––These are the leaning posts for every member. Without it, Beta tumbles and weakens. Fortunately, there's enough of these for every existing sibling and those to come. I remind us quite often to allow Beta to work for us. I'll never tire of it simply because "the pink stuff" has served me well at every (and I mean EVERY) single turn. Your dreams and goals are important to Beta. Our name and honor can accompany you as you move confidently toward every achievement. So write out these goals, dream them up, and check in with them often. I'm certain that you're well on your way.


MHLIB, Dr. Khyle Wooten '09 Co-Founder of Beta Gamma Chi

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