Region 1 Writes to the Youth of the Pride Program

This past weekend, brothers from Region 1 convened at the South Philadelphia Library in Pennsylvania to write over 25 letters of encouragement to the LGBTQ+ youth of the Valley Youth House's Pride Program.

Pride is the longest-running housing program for queer youth in Philadelphia. Started in 2009, Pride helps teenagers to embrace their identity and overcome the obstacles presented by housing insecurities and homelessness. As participants of the Pride program, youth receive a safe place to be themselves and gain support to make the typical transitions that occur during late adolescence and early adulthood.

Supporting programs for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, like Valley Youth House, is just a small component of our new Service & Philanthropy program that supports LGBTQ+ youth who are displaced, homeless, or without family support. There are non-profit organizations throughout the United States that are providing resources and funding to help improve housing initiatives for queer youth. Through this program, we intend to support those agencies through annual fundraisers and volunteering.

To learn more about our Service & Philanthropy program, click here.


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