Portraits: Meet Christiawn

Portraits is a storytelling platform that provides an in-depth look at the lives of our members. Recently, Malcolm Richardson sat down with Christiawn Wilson to discuss their experience as a pansexual.

Malcolm kicked off the conversation by first asking about Christiawn how they define pansexuality, and Christiawn responded candidly discussing why they identify as a pansexual and how to distinguish between bisexuality and pansexuality.

Later in the conversation, Christiawn recalled an experience in high school that first exposed them to pansexuality and how it inspired them to continue exploring the conversation beyond those years.

Later, Christiawn reflected on how their move away from their hometown impacted the exploration of their pansexuality:

It wasn't until I left there [my hometown] that I allowed myself to be comfortable enough to say out loud and to live it. When I moved to Philly, I met a lot of people who identified outside of the gender spectrum...and the sexual spectrum. That, for me, has been the biggest blessing. Since moving to Philly, I've been given the opportunity to be in a lot of different spaces with a lot of different types of people with many different identities.

Christiawn shared that meeting other people who were confident in living their truth, inspired them to do the same.

Watch Christiawn’s full episode of Portraits below.