Now is the Time for Hope and Grace

Hello My Loves,

I woke up yesterday morning with a heavy heart. As my morning progressed, I realized that the heaviness I was experiencing was not all sadness and sorrow––I was also experiencing hope and grace. And in times like these, it is imperative that we lean on hope and grace.

Hope has gotten us from where we were to where we are now. From civil rights to marriage equality, it has gotten us to the understanding that all people––no matter their race, gender, religion, sexuality, age, ability, or ethnicity––deserve respect. We have to remember not to lose that hope.

On the other hand, it is grace that has shown us humility and its importance in our connections to others. Grace has shown us that change comes through peaceful dialogue and mutual understanding. For, no matter how low they go we must always go high.

Indeed, we are living in uncertain and critical times, but I truly believe we will come out of this better than before, as long as we hold on to hope and grace. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote:

"For all of the differences between us and all of the forces that try to divide us, they will never exceed the power of love to unite us." ––Sense8

With you always,

Edward L. Good

President of Beta Gamma Chi Fraternity