Lean on Each Other

“Nothing good ever happens when people care more about our differences... than the things we share in common.”––SENSE8

It is times like this where being a part of a Brotherhood gives us the unique opportunity to lean on each other for comfort and support. Let’s not forget that there are still loving and respectful people in this world. We must stand united and bring forth the change we want to see.

Beta is here to provide support, understanding, compassion, and love. Hopes and prayers will not change the world alone. We must put in the work in order to create, develop, and nurture a world in which we are all treated equally in every shape, form, and fashion.

Today, we pray for the souls that have been lost. Tomorrow we continue to work on making this a world where love is love is love. #FTLOB

Edward Good

National President

Beta Gamma Chi Fraternity, Incorporated