Happy Founders' Day

Greetings, As I sit here writing this message, I am filled with so many emotions. If anyone would have told me as a young man growing up that I would encounter a group of men that would push me to excellence and show me, both in words and deeds, what unconditional love, transparency, and strength really meant, I would have seriously doubted them. But here we are. As we celebrate 9 years of brotherhood, service, and love I would like to thank each and every member for making Beta Gamma Chi Fraternity Inc. what it is today. To our Illustrious Founders, Gerald C. Dessus, and Khyle B. Wooten, I thank you for your bravery, for standing against the wind and persevering in creating a brotherhood like no other. I thank you for your wisdom. With each member that comes into this brotherhood, know that they carry on a part of you. And finally, I thank you for your love; the love of oneself to give unselfishly for the betterment of each brother; the love of the community to see the need and put forth the energy to fill it; and the love of your members/brothers, to continuously play a part in the growth of every brother without wavering. For all of these reasons, I am honored to serve under you. To each of my brothers, I stand here humbled and grateful for each and every one of you. I’m grateful for your talents, your knowledge, and your love. You have shown, not just me, but the world that when you have the support and love of brothers that you are bonded with, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. These 9 years have been nothing but marvelous, and I look forward to seeing the greatness that the next 90 years will bring. I would like to close this letter with a quote:

"There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother." ––Astrid Alauda

Happy Founders' Day, my brothers!!! FTLOB , Erick C. Blake 3rd National President