Don't Let It Break You

During the infancy of Beta Gamma Chi, our founders were deeply impacted by the wave of LGBTQ-related suicides and chose to get involved with the It Gets Better campaign. Seven years later, Malcolm Richardson and Naasir Smith hosted an open mic event for LGBTQ+ community members and allies. The event, which featured award-winning poets in the Tri-state area poetry circuit, drew a broad audience that was highly engaged in art and discussions related to depression and access to mental health care.


The Don't Let It Break You program is a series of open mic and workshop events centered on mental health awareness, coming-out stories, and suicide prevention. Through this program, we have partnered with local artists, community centers, and schools by not only using our platform to showcase local talent but calling on our members who are social workers and educators to facilitate workshops.


Program Goals:

  • Raise awareness about the mental health continuum

  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness

  • Promote self-care best practices

  • Provide resources related to accessing health care in marginalized communities

  • Provide small group workshops and community outreach events

  • Use art as a vehicle to increase reach