Our Stance on Diversity & Inclusion

The needs of the LGBTQ+ community have changed in the past decade. The spectrum that we serve has grown; in fact, it is ever-evolving. Our members work to call attention to all aspects of the queer spectrum, specifically highlighting intersectionality. We engage with a conscious level of equity and inclusion, where we decentralize our bodies to hold and create space for emerging queer experiences. We are an organization that actively cultivates a courageous space and dismantles exclusionary and micro-aggressive practices––within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our members define brotherhood as a united front of people who stand together, fight together, and are loyal to each other for their community, their rights, and their freedom. Beyond redefining what it means to be a brotherhood, our members incorporate the following gender-inclusive language into their dialogue and ideology: siblinghood, siblings, members, frat, fraternity, and family. We also require that people who are seeking membership with Beta Gamma Chi must be willing to address and challenge their own racial, gender, class, and sexual biases in order to thrive in the community of members we have established.

Not only do we accept genderqueer, non-binary, and transgender men as members, we have aligned our programming and initiatives to support and affirm all silos of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We are decentralizing our image of queerness and incorporating a new narrative for our folx who seek community.