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We practice radical inclusion.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzz words here. They are an intentional practice. Not only do we accept transgender men, genderqueer and non-binary individuals as members, we have aligned our programming and initiatives to support and affirm all silos of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Equity in a Fraternity

Gender Diversity

We recognize that our fraternity largely consists of cis-gendered men. As our brand proclaims, we are diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners that are focused on creating safe spaces within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. To live in this truth, our organizational culture must reflect the diversity and inclusion efforts that we are calling for in and beyond queer spaces. We have increased gender diversity by 22% over the past five years and aim to reach 35% by 2024.

Affinity Spaces

Being an inclusive fraternity means that we center the voices and experiences of our most marginalized members. We recognize that making and holding space for our members is a key step in addressing systems of oppression within and outside of the fraternity. Space holding requires the cis-gender allies to step aside so that our most marginalized members can make their own choices with their siblings nearby to offer unconditional support and guidance when needed. We practice centering voices through the creation of affinity spaces, like Beyond the Binary.

Member Crisis and

Relief Fund

Our member crisis and relief fund was established to help members manage unexpected hardships that place undue financial stress on them and their families. Relief funds support members who are impacted by natural disasters, gender-affirming surgery, and other financial hardships that significantly impact a member's quality of life.

The needs of the LGBTQ+ community have changed in the past decade. The spectrum that we serve has grown; in fact, it is ever-evolving. Our members work to call attention to all aspects of the queer spectrum, specifically highlighting intersectionality. We engage with a conscious level of equity and inclusion, where we decentralize our bodies to hold and create space for emerging queer experiences. We are an organization that actively cultivates a courageous space and dismantles exclusionary and micro-aggressive practices––within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our members define brotherhood as a united front of people who stand together, fight together, and are loyal to each other for their community, rights, and freedom. Beyond redefining what it means to be a brotherhood, our members incorporate the following gender-inclusive language into their dialogue and ideology: siblinghood, siblings, members, frat, fraternity, and family. We also require that people who are seeking membership with Beta Gamma Chi must be willing to address and challenge their own racial, gender, class, and sexual biases to thrive in the community of members we have established.

We are decentralizing our image of queerness and incorporating a new narrative for folx who seek community.